The Italian Excellence on visors producing

Produciamo Visiere in Policarbonato altamente performanti da installare su caschi Motorsport e caschi Sportivi.
Inoltre realizziamo visiere protettive per lavoratori dell’industria e operatori sanitari.



More Performing than OEM and Standard Visors

Made from polycarbonate

Antiscratch and Antifog coatings on material

Homologation tests of different disciplines compliant


Years of experience concentrated in the solution designed and created specifically by our technicians.
If you want your visor to be always clean as if it were in the hands of one of our experts, the FK cleanerV liquid is the right product for you.
We have been using it for many years and now we put it at your disposal!
UFI: 0KXH-101G-1207-7X8A

Some brands that chose us