Sport visors

Sport visors

This visors are made from light and resistant materials, our sports visors offer the best protection maintaining clear vision even during the most intense workouts, in all weather conditions. We can realize your visor with antiscratch, antifog and UV resistant coatings that are directly included into material.


Race safe

A clearer vision of road

Choose the best partner for your rides, tackle even the most adrenaline-filled descents with maximum comfort and always clear vision.

Skiing like a pro

The shadow zones and snow reflexes will not be a problem anymore

The visor for ski helmets or winter sports has the task of maintaining optimal visibility of the athlete, especially in steps with light changes. When you make competitions a blunder can compromise the performance and lose valuable seconds to the athlete. Our technicians carefully study the scope of use of the visor to offer the optimal solution to every need.

A landscape without limits

Every throw a new experience

Our flight visors are made to guarantee a clear vision also on the most adrenalinic throw. Forget the blurs that obstructs vision. With our visors you can see all the landscape details without any distraction.

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FK VISORS produce visiere per conto di aziende produttrici di caschi sportivi, compila il form in caso di interesse. FK VISORS non realizza visiere a ricambio per caschi già presenti sul mercato.
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